One Night stand Date

You might know the situation. To wake up in a strangers bed with a man, whose name you aren´t quite sure of what is. On top of everything you have a hangover and a irrepressible desire to escape without any goodbyes after a night with sex, which never quite became any good

If you do, then you aren´t alone. The term, one-night-stand has a negative sound for many people, but it doesn´t have to be like that. Camilla on 31 and Anna on 28 has with great success had many hot men between their legs for just one night. has asked them for their best tricks.

Just once!

Don´t go for one-night-stands if you are really looking for a boyfriend. It´s no surprise that one-night-stands suffers from bad publicity. There´s nothing worse then being promised a house, wedding dress and a poodle and then ending up with a wet stain on your sheets and a man, who has no intention of returning your phone call. But if you take the temperature of your "love-sickness" and act accordingly, then you can avoid many disappointments.

Pure raw sexdrive!

Basically, you´ll never say no to having a boyfriend if it´s the right guy, but there are definitely periods, in which I´m more lovesick than others. And I know that in those periods it´s much too hard being left in the middle of the night or next morning. Then it´s not worth it, says Anna, who has been single for 3 years and has had somewhere around 20 one-night-stands.

You should never sleep with a guy, because you need someone to spoon up with, Camilla adds. She just married her boyfriend through 2 years. Before she met him, she had about 50 one-night-stands. It´s pure raw sexdrive and nothing else. One should never confuse it with pure intimacy or love. If that´s what you need, then go for a man, who is willing to give you more the a few hours attention, she says.

No, you are NOT slutty!

Even though one should think that, we have moved on, and then the middle-aged perception of woman sleeping with men, without being in love with them, still sticks. In addition, even though you´d never dream of labeling your "sisters" as being cheap or anything else condescending, we´d like to take a stand for this conception being extinct.

- You are as cheap as you make yourself. The feeling of being cheap can easily come sneaking along, if you slept with someone you weren´t really attracted to or that you wanted more of and got rejected.

If you feel just like Camilla and Anna and think that now it is time for you to have some one night stands, join them. They are active members of One Night Stand Dating