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Simply Addictive, alluring, and intoxicating
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One night stand, Discreet Relationship, Erotic chat or phone, flirt
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Someone looking for a mistress type to have discrete long-term liasion with. Kind of a 007 discrete, secret affair. Sporadic trips, sexy shopping, and erotic adventures. I prefer to be a quietly kept woman. I'm not particularly that new to this experience. I have had a quasi-Sugar Daddy before. It wasn't as extravagant as the successful relationships I have read about on occassion but I'm pretty simple so not a lot of that matters to me. I'm hoping to meet an older gentleman that is seeking something similiar. I'm not looking for someone that's going to just throw me allowance and monthly gifts for intimacy but more of an experience we can both grow with. I have loved older men for as far back as I can remember. The aspects of the few experiences I have had and cherished most were the mentoring and nurturing ones. I value the friendship more than anything. I'm not looking for a business arrangement or anything impersonal. I'm soft-spoken, sweet, and have great manners. I'm affectionate, attentive but I can also be passionate and intense. I'm also kind-hearted and young-spirited. I still collect teddy bears. I read classic fairy tales before bed. But my favorite read is a book called, 'The road less traveled', written by M. Scott Peck, M.D. It was given to me by a special older man and it's one of the gifts I value the most. I'm not Ivy League but I'm not bimbo either. I'd rather be sent to school then sent shopping in Paris. But that's not to say I don't enjoy looking sultry for daddy. But those are the things about me that I value sharing the most. I hope that I will meet a man that values them just as much as I do.Thank you all for your time. Btw, I also adore a strong sensual man that is comfortable and open- minded sexually and otherwise.:-)